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This is Timebenders

An online 3rd-person wizard battle game where you use overpowered magic and manipulate time against each other. Unleash your limitless magical power. Rewind your enemy, rewind yourself. Rewind time until the rewinding never happened.

Unleash Overpowered Magic

Become an overpowered wizard! Battle your opponents on fully destructible terrain with great energy and powerful spells.

Bend the Flow of Time

Time is of the essence. Send yourself to the future or freeze your opponents. Rewind yourself, the world or your opponent. You control the time.

Develop your Magic

Select your class and build your deck from a wide range of spells, with hundreds of possible different combinations. Make your own selection of Time, Energy and Movement spells and devise your own unique style of combat.

Join the Beta Program

Timebenders is now in the Closed Beta Phase 2! If you want to join and play the next Beta phase you can register here. For joining as beta-tester you will receive:

  • The beta-version of Timebenders for PC
  • News about Timebenders
  • Invites for playtests and design sessions




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